Latest Updated Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018

In this article, you will find out the latest and updated Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018 or Dubai Ramadan Calendar 2018 for all the Muslims. Now with the help of this fasting calendar, you can easily see the daily Ramadan fasting timetable without any issue. This year the holy month of Ramadan will be expected to start from 15th May or 16th May 2018 and it will be ended on the 14th June 2018 in Dubai. We have also mentioned the daily Prayer Times Dubai on this website along with many other UAE cities prayer times. If you will explore this website you will also find out the other international cities Prayer times smoothly.

Islamic Prayer Times Dubai

Schedule For Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018:

Dubai Ramadan Calendar Stating Date: 17th May 2018
Dubai Ramadan Calendar Ending Date: 15th June 2018

Dubai Ramadan Calendar 2018

Ramdan Date Day Sehr Time Iftar Time
1st 16-May-18 Wednesday 4:06 AM 6:57 PM
2nd 17-May-18 Thursday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
3rd 18-May-18 Friday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
4th 19-May-18 Saturday 4:04 AM 6:59 PM
5th 20-May-18 Sunday 4:03 AM 6:59 PM
6th 21-May-18 Monday 4:03 AM 7:00 PM
7th 22-May-18 Tuesday 4:02 AM 7:01 PM
8th 23-May-18 Wednesday 4:02 AM 7:01 PM
9th 24-May-18 Thursday 4:01 AM 7:02 PM
10th 25-May-18 Friday 4:01 AM 7:02 PM
11th 26-May-18 Saturday 4:00 AM 7:03 PM
12th 27-May-18 Sunday 4:00 AM 7:03 PM
13th 28-May-18 Monday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
14th 29-May-18 Tuesday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
15th 30-May-18 Wednesday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
16th 31-May-18 Thursday 3:58 AM 7:05 PM
17th 1-Jun-18 Friday 3:58 AM 7:05 PM
18th 2-Jun-18 Saturday 3:58 AM 7:06 PM
19th 3-Jun-18 Sunday 3:57 AM 7:06 PM
20th 4-Jun-18 Monday 3:57 AM 7:07 PM
21st 5-Jun-18 Tuesday 3:57 AM 7:07 PM
22nd 6-Jun-18 Wednesday 3:57 AM 7:08 PM
23rd 7-Jun-18 Thursday 3:57 AM 7:08 PM
24th 8-Jun-18 Friday 3:56 AM 7:08 PM
25th 9-Jun-18 Saturday 3:56 AM 7:09 PM
26th 10-Jun-18 Sunday 3:56 AM 7:09 PM
27th 11-Jun-18 Monday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
28th 12-Jun-18 Tuesday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
29th 13-Jun-18 Wednesday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
30th 14-Jun-18 Thursday 3:56 AM 7:11 PM

Note: * Add 4 minutes for Abu Dhabi, deduct 4 minutes for Ras Al Khaimah and 6 minutes for Fujairah.

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