Latest Islamic Ramadan Short Poems 2020

Read the latest best Islamic Ramadan Short Poems 2020. In this, web post, we provide you the best and latest Islamic Ramadan Poems 2020 for all Muslims of the world. Checked out these Islamic Ramadan Short Poems 2020 and share with your loved ones on the occasion of Ramadan.

Read Latest Islamic Ramadan Short Poems 2020:

Blessings of Ramadan Is Coming
The month of Ramadan is coming soon
we are waiting for the moon,
The month that is blessed for everyone
Blessings of Ramadan is coming, Ramadan is coming.
The month we love and wait for the whole year.
The month of Quran in which the Qur’an was revealed
The month of blessings, the month of forgiveness,
The month full of mercy, the month full of worship
The month full of reward, the month full of care & love
A time of great blessing in which to repent.

Fastings of Ramadan are great blessing of Allah
And it is a great Muslim deed in Ramadan
Controlling desires and suppressing greed.
Ramadan is here, blessings of Ramadan is here
Raise your Iman(faith), Raise your Taqwah
Increase your worship, Pray the Salah, Recite the Qur’an.
Take “Suhur” in the dead of the Night
No eating or drinking during the daylight.
Stay away from the evils and sins
Purify your soul through worship of God
The pleasure of Allah is our only goal.

Remember your lord even in the hunger
And wait until ‘Iftar’ to get your reward.
Pray to Allah for forgiveness from all the sins
Thank Allah for giving us a chance to fasting in Ramadan
Ask for blessings from Allah and make a new start.

Get ready for Ramadan because
Blessings of Ramadan is here
Blessings of Ramadan is here.

Start the divine season of Ramadan
with a heart filled with love and peace,
wishing that Allah forgive us for our wrongdoings.
Let this 30-day of Ramadan be the start
of our repentance and enlightenment.
Have a blessed Ramadan!

All of us must need to fast in Ramadan
Which is 4th pillar of Islam
Which is a blessing of Allah
It is a month of Quran
We must fast for Allah, not for show

Ramadan is designed to purify our soul
from all the evils and sins
As we feel the hunger As we refrain from food and drink
Much chance to gain the reward As we Iftar the fast

At night we pray special prayers
To get the blessings of our Lord
As we try we get more chance of reward
As we ask Allah for forgiveness more chance
to get the blessings of Allah
Through this, we try to get ourselves purify

Remember Ramadan is month of Holy Qur’an
because Allah revealed the Holy Qur’an
in the blessed month of Ramadan
on his beloved prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
who is also the biggest blessing of Allah
to his all creatures.

Ramadan also gives us 3 Ashras
First is blessing, 2nd is maghfirat and 3rd is independence from hell
The last Ashra of Ramadan is Itikaf
And also it has the night of Qadr
which is better than thousand months
Hence Ramadan is a package of full month blessings

Don’t waste your time in other activities during Ramadan
Try to avail the full month blessings package of your Lord
As it comes to us every year
And our Lord made it for us
It teaches us many things and purifies our soul.


Ramadan Short Poems


As I look searchingly into the sky
I look for a sign from Allah the most high
People think I’m crazy sitting in this cold
But I quest for something more precious than gold

For mankind this sign represents something great
but for the rejected one, it fills him with hate
Suddenly out of the darkness the moon does appear
the whole world rejoices ‘Ramadan is here’

During Ramadan the shaytan is in chains
and Allah’s mercy for a month reigns
The doors of heaven are open wide
begging for mankind to enter and abide

So often in Hadith we are reminded and told
that rewards are multiplied by many a fold
In this month do good deeds and read Quran
spend your time wisely and learn Islam

After all these years I have made up my mind
the right path and salvation I wish to find
To Allah’s will I will surrender at last,
enshallah, Allah will forgive my past

Forgive-all those sins too good it sounds
but Allah’s mercy knows no bounds
With sins stacked like mountains so high
will be forgiven within a blink of an eye

This Ramadan my heart and soul are alive
ready to change and ready to strive,
No more will the shaytan hold me back
in the worship of my Lord nothing will lack

Together lets make the decision to change
our priorities in this life lets re-arrange
This life on Earth is short and fast
but the life in the hereafter will forever last

Ironically this life for us holds much value
when the next life is the one thats true
To make effort on Dunya we never tire
but will it take us to paradise or hell fire?

This month will give a fresh perspective
on the way we ought to and the way we live
With Zikr and prayer lets increase our Iman
Join me and together lets celebrate Ramadan

With Ramadan here the changes begin,
Firstly walking away from a life of sin
The shackles of sin I have worn so long
Now caste away to the righteous I belong

The seeker finds and mercy does shower
On lail-a-tul Qadr – the night of Power
The Quran came down on this blessed night
A guidance for mankind an illuminating light

From the depth of your Soul please pray
as Duas are accepted and sins wiped away
Ask with a clean heart is all Allah requires
and ask for whatever good the soul desires

Listen to the Quran every night in Tarawih
Ah.. Allah’s words what spiritual ecstasy
It cools your heart and calms your soul
So with crystal clear vision perceive your goal

For this goodness to last there is a price
For the Deen of truth you need sacrifice
To toss aside Dunya you hold so dear
Nothing but Allah will you ever fear.

Tossing and turning through every night
the demon called Dunya you need to fight
the demon called nafs you need to tame
because struggling to surrender is your ultimate aim

Etikaf is a another gift that Allah sent
The Last ten days in His path spent
in the Mosque in the presence of your Lord
doing Zikr, Talawat or Salah at your own accord

These days to Allah you must also dedicate
then disbelief and ignorance your will hate
The Quran and Sunnah will be your guide
Only then faith in your heart will reside.

Beginning this Ramadan lets make amends
Study and practice until our life ends
Everything but our deeds we leave behind
this is the truth to which we were blind

Our cars, wealth and house on earth will stay
our actions are the companions on that day
when your breath expires so does hope
so hold on firmly to Allah’s rope

There is great wisdom in this rhyme
Its dedicated to me before its my time
for these changes, my soul does yearn
this Ramadan inshallah its my turn
By: Zahid bin Ghulam

A blessed month is casting its shadow upon us

A night of this month is better than a thousand months
Bear with patience for the sake of Ar-Rahman
It’s a continuous training to strengthen our Imaan.

Glory be to Allah who sent Ramadan as a mercy to mankind
Its a purification of our soul, our heart, and our mind
With the most sincere devotion and love we fast
To be cleansed and free from sins of the past

Glorified is He, who choseth this holy month,
To test our sabr and fill our hearts with warmth
Of his Divine Light, His blessings shall glow,
The Seer of the unseen, all He does know

Ya Allah! For thee, let my breath be more pleasant than musk
Ya Allah! For thee, let me be thankful when day turns to dusk
My thoughts and heart are purified, my eyes truly see’
This blessed month, the month of spiritual rhapsody!

Ya Allah! For thee, my life I shall live!
Ya Allah! For thee, my soul I shall give!
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind,
Praise be to Allah, who sent Ramadan as a gift to mankind

By: Noor Syed

Muslims Ramadan Short Poems

Ramadan is Here!!, by Asma Sadia

One night I heard a knock on my door;
Who can it be,I wasn’t quite sure.
I open the door and am filled with glee;
The visitor ahead is no stranger to me.

I welcome the guest with utmost delight;
For I know it has come to give me respite.
An air of happiness fills the space;
My home now seems, a better place!

Have you any clue who this visitor could be?
Yes!its Ramadhan,the month of mercy.
The pious and righteous can’t await its arrival;
Others seem to greet it, with waves of denial.

For Allah(SWT) we fast from dawn to dusk;
For Him our breath is the fragrance of musk.
The muslims who pray and fast with zest;
Are aware of the rewards of this month manifest.

Throughout this month we weep and repent;
Now is the time to strongly lament.
And those who shun this sacred month;
on the Day of Reckoning will face the brunt.

In the last ten nights,hides the Night of Decree;
Allah(SWT) then awaits for his slaves to plea.
The angels descend with Gabriel(AS) in the lead;
To check on the steadfast and record every deed.

A feeling of grief now fills my heart;
As the month of Ramadhan will soon depart.
So lets make a start and worship Him alone;
Now that the worth of this month is known.

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