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Accurate Daily Five Muslims Prayer Times Montreal

If you are living in Canadian city Montreal and facing problem in getting the right Muslims prayer times than our online Prayer Times Montreal webpage can help you. Here you will find out the complete detail about the Muslims Montreal prayer times in a very easy way. Let explore about the prayer times Montreal that how it can be helpful for us.

Signing into this prayer times Montreal web page will give the display of a monthly prayer timings schedule along with Sunrise and Setset time. You can very easily find out the daily five prayer times on this webpage. You will also find out the prayer timings of other international cities. We have also given the opportunity of selecting the suitable convention mentioned method in the drop-down list menu. Feel free to ask any question if you have any issue regarding prayer times Montreal webpage. All the prayer timings of the Montreal city are completely correct and up to date.

You will even find more additional and related information about the mosques and Muslim population in this city. Also, check out the prayer timings of other Canadian cities along with other international cities:

Muslims Prayer Times Montreal

We have trust in our content that it will give provide you 100% accurate prayer timings and other Islamic information over a single click of the mouse.  So be the ready to get the prayer times Montreal along with others.

Prayer Timings Montreal Calculation:

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours
Country: Canada
City: Montreal

Daylight Saving Time (DST): +1 hour
DST Starts: Between 12th March → 5th November

Geographic Coordinates Of Montreal City, Canada
Latitude: 45.5017° N
Longitude: 73.5673° W

Coordinates Of Montreal City in Decimal Degrees
Latitude: 45.5115
Longitude: -73.7321

Monthly Muslims Prayer Times Montreal, Canada:



Time Zone:

DST (Daylight Saving Time):


<< >>
Time Format:

Asr Prayer Time Methods: According to the Standard school of thought, Asr prayer time will start when the shadow of an object becomes equal to its size. While according to the Hanafi school of thought Asr prayer time will start when the shadow of an object becomes twice to its size.

Qiblah Direction: Qiblah direction of Montreal, Canada is 58.70 degrees from North clockwise.

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