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Ramadan 2nd / Second Ashra Messages and Dua 2024

Ready to send Ramadan 2nd / Second Ashra Messages and Dua 2024 to your family and friends during the holy month of Ramadan. Find also other Ramadan Mubarak Messages 2024 and Wishes including Ramadan 1st Ashra Messages and Dua 2024.

Ramadan 2nd / Second Ashra Messages and Dua 2024:

Find time to pray such
things as prayer vigils.
Second Ashra Of Ramadan Muburak!

All darkness is still far away, when the light is on the right track.
I wish you all a happy Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan 2nd Ashra Mubarak!

I wish this Ramadan, you are gifted
with blessings of Allah and
many treasured moments of joy!
Ramadan Mubarak!

Wishing u 1 month of ramadan,
4 weeks of barkat,
30 days of forgiveness,
720 hours of guidance,
43200 minutes of purification,
2592000 secs of Nuur..!!
Ramadan 2nd Ashra Mubarak!

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.
Better Things Come To Those
Who Don’T Give Up.
The Best Things Come To
Those Who Believe In Allah!….
Enjoy the 2Nd Ashra Of Ramadan..!!

He Is The The Creator,
The Initiator And The Designer.
To Him Belong The Most Beautiful Names.
He Is The Almighty – The Most Wise.
May Allah Bless You In This Holy Month Of Ramadan!
Ramadan second Ashra Mubarak!!

Tasbeehs for Ramadan
Ramadan 1st / First Ashra: “Alhamdolillah”
2nd / Second Ashra Of Ramadan: “Astaghfirullah”
3rd Ashra of Ramadan “Allahumma Ajarni minun naar”

2nd Ashra Ramadan Dua In English:
“I seek Allah’s forgiveness for all my sins, who is Lord, and I ask for repentance.”

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Dua:
“Astagfirullaha Rab-Bi Min Kulli Zambiyon Wa-Atoobuilaiyh”

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Dua in Arabic:

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Dua

2nd Ashra Mubarak
mujhe b apni duaon
me shamil karlo aay dost
sunaa he buzrugon ki
duaaon me bara asar hota hai

Ramzan 2nd Ashra Maghfirat Sms
Hadees-e-Nabwi (S.A.W)
“Sehri Zaroor Khaya karo,
Is liye k Is Main Barkat Hai.”
(Bukhari / Muslim)

Train yourself to do well, to provide
a free service for others to seek the pleasure of God.

If you are using to stay until midnight, try going to bed earlier,
so that you will be able to get up early for
Morning Prayer vigils and prayers as well.

Spend more time reading Islamic books,
especially the Quran, Biography, and Hadith.

Ramazan Kay Pehla Ashra (10 Din) “Rehmat”
Doosra “Maghfirat”
Teesra Dozakh Say “Nijat” Hai.

Glorification of all things in paradise and world.
Ramadan Wishes for 2nd Arsha

As the Fajar azan begins..
The 1st holy fast begins
May Allah bless u with happinss & grace..
Your home with warmth and peace. Aameen..

“Wishing” “you” a “very “happy” “Ramadan” “Mubarak”
May this Ramadan bring u the most in peace & prosperity.
May lits triumph ovr darknss.
May peace transcend the earth.
May the spirt of lite illuminate the wrld.

“All the loving wishes for you today to bring much happiness your way. *Happy Ramadan Kareem*

“May this day bring peace and smoothness in your life, may it provide you the best time of your life. “Happy Ramadan Month”

Best 9 ….
No-1: Leader–Allah.
No-2: Guide–Quaran.
No-3: Lyrics–Aazan.
No-4: Loyality–Imaan.
No-5: Request–Dua.
No-6: Protection–Fitra.
No-7: Oath–Kalma.
No-8: Exercise–Namaaz.
No-9: Self Control–Roza.
Ramadan 2nd Ashra Mubarak!

May This Ramadan….
You Are Gifted- with blessings of “Allah Rab-ul-Izzat”
And many treasured moments of joy!!!!
!Ramadan 2nd Ashra Mubarak!

The “Believer” speaks little,
But does much….
And the hypocrite talks a lot,
But does little.
The “Believer’s” speech is wisdom,
“His” silence is contemplation,
“His” gaze is pondering,
“His” actions r righteous.
So if This is ur state,
You shall perpetually be in worship”
Wish you Good Luck In Ramadan!

“Allah is extremely displeased with the person who does not do dua to Allah”.

Associated with Muslim scholars /
scientists and clerics others you can even learn from them.

If you travel a lot for work, try to do business more local,
which can be closer to his family and his community.

Find time to pray such
things as prayer vigils.
Second Ashra Of Ramadan Muburak!

If successful Ramadan application of
the greatest gifts of Ramadan!

Ramadan is a way
To purify yourself for a year
Have a happy life ahead
After purification


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