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Ramadan is that the 9th month of the Muslim lunar calendar and observed as an obligatory fasting month. This month is also called as a month of Quran because the Quran is revealed on the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this month. This fasting month is observed globally among all the Muslims and also this observance is believed to be one altogether the 5 pillars of Islam. The month may consist of 29–30 days depending on the visual sightings of the crescent moon which may vary from place to place (country to country). The word Ramadan comes from the Arabic language, which means hot, warmness or dryness. Fasting is fard (“compulsory”) for adult Muslims, besides those who are sick, touring, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or browsing menstrual harm. Fast the month of Ramadan turned compulsory after the 2nd year of the Muslim migration from Makkah to the Medina.

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According to Islamic belief, Muslims cannot take meals, drinking beverages, smoke, and engaging in any kind of sexual relations during the fasting time period until the Sunset. Muslims also ordered to stay away from all sinful activities during the fasting time. Food and drinks are served every day, before dawn and as soon as sundown referred to as Suhoor and Iftar respectively. In line with Islam, the rewards of fasting are many and considered to be multiplied, during the duration of this month. Fast for Muslims for the duration of Ramadan commonly includes the exaggerated providing of worship (prayers) and recitation of the religious textual content including the recitation of holy Quran an increase of doing good deeds and charity.

Ramadan is highly significant, as it is one of the “five pillars” of Islam. As it is expressed in the Qur’an, the pillars are, briefly, as follows:
– Testimony (“there is no God but Allah and Mohammed (Muhammad) is his prophet.”)
– Salat (prayer)
– Zakat (alms)
– Hajj (pilgrimage to the city of Mecca)
– Fasting during the month of Ramadan
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About Ramadan:

The month of Ramadan is created by Allah for the Muslims to get their souls purified and get unlimited rewards. This month is also known as the month of the Quran. There are many other things associated with this month including the restriction of eating, drink water, sex, and smoking during the fasting time period. This month provides a chance to all Muslims of the world to get closer to their God through worship and act upon the orders of Allah and his prophet Muhammad(PBUH) completely. Also, this month creates the feeling of what they experience every day who can not feed. It is a moment of introspection, it cleanses the body through fasting and gives more purity to the mind and soul of the Muslims. The time of breaking the fast is a very special moment because at this moment the blessings of Allah are searching the people who want.

About Fasting And Fast The Break:

According to Islamic teaching, the fast is observed between sunrise and sunset. During those hours, Muslims have some certain restrictions including eating, drinking, sexual intercourse, smoking, and all sinful activities. Water can only be used for ablution (cleaning before prayer). The time to break the fast comes when the sun goes down which is known as “iftar”. This is the moment when all the family members gather to break the fast with dates, milk, soups, sweets, water, juices, and meal.

Who should perform the fast? , Are there prohibitions?

According to the Islam Fasting is obligatory for all the men and women except who have the following conditions:
– Who are sick.
– Who are in travel
– Elders who are in weak conditions.
– Those who perform hard labor, in which case fasting could endanger their health and/or life.
– Women, during their period, while they (well not perform fasting, they should not pray).
– Pregnant and breastfeeding women
– Non-adult boys and girls

Eid al-Fitr, What is this?

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Upon the successful completion of the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the Eid al Fitr on the first day of Shawwal. This is the religious festival of Muslims which comes with spirituality and blessings and joy. Muslims celebrate this day with their families and friends and give charity to the poor people of the society. People share Eid Greeting Wishes Messages 2020 with their loved ones on this joyful occasion and dress in their best clothes, gifts are given and shared with joy. Normally, this festival is celebrated for three days and these days are considered holidays.

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