Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes Messages For Wife 2020

This article will help you to find out the best Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes Messages For Wife 2020. These quotes messages can be shared with your wife on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. You can also update your social profiles with these Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes and Wishes. Express your feelings and love through these messages to your wife.  Get ready to choose the best Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes For Wife From Husband collection list.

Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes Messages For Wife

Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes Messages For Wife 2020:

Dear wife, on the occasion of Eid Ul Fitr, I pray to Allah to shower you with happiness, health and smiles. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Happy Ramadan the lady of my life.

Today is the day to end fasts and offer prayers to Allah to seek his love and blessings. Sending warm wishes on Eid Ul Fitr to the lady who is the reason for my happiness and success.

When the sun has set, and day is done, I’ll break this chain, but only one but by the end of Ramadan, this whole chain will be all gone. It’s time for Eid and lots of fun! Eid Mubarak Quotes for Wife

I wish Allah blesses your days with happiness, fills your weeks with smiles, blesses your months with prosperity. Wishing you a blessed Eid Ul Fitr

Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes Messages For Wife

pray to Allah to forgive all your sins, to bless all your good acts and shower you with the best of the fruits…. Sending lots of love and warm wishes on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr to you my dearest wife!!!

May the guidance & blessings of Allah be with your & your family. EID MUBARAK!

I just sent you beautiful wishes, wishes for protection, for safety for enjoyment and for lovely time. Happy eid day

May every blossom in the garden of life bringt ur Eid with joy and fill ur days with the sweet fragrance of happiness. Happy Eid Day!

EID MUBARAK! May the auspicious Occasion of Eid… Bless your home with happiness, Your heart with devotion, Your soul with purity, peace.

There is special day for everyone My special day is when i wish you Eid Mubarak

Some words can be left unsaid,some feeling can be left unexpressed but a person loke you can never be left unremembered on this occasion….Happy Eid Mubarak

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your mistakes and ease the suffering of all people around the globe Eid Mubarak

May Allah this occasion flood your life with happiness,
u heart with love, u r soul with spiritual ,
ur mind with wisdom,
wishing u a very Happy Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak Quotes For Wife From Husband

I Wish A Wish 4 u. Its A Wish I Wish 4 Few. The Wish I Wish 4 u Is That All ur Wishes Come True.Wish u A Very ert “HApy EID DAY”.I Also Wish, u Live Long Life & That “EID DAY” Will Come In ur Life 4 Hundread Time….
Remember Me In ur Prayers…
🙂 Eid Mubarak

Thousands of candles can be lighted from one single candle. Happiness never decreases while being shared.

Here comes the day,once in a blue moon.
With Chanda mama shining up bright
And blessing everyone… Her luv so tender, merciful.
Shining down on the earth wishing us
“Happy eid”.”Eid Mubarak”

As the candlelight flame,
Ur life may always be happiness’ claim;
As the mountain high,
U move without sigh;
Like the white linen flair,
Purity is always an affair;
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way;
Wish all of u a very Happy Eid Mubarak.

May this…
Eid bring Fun, Eid bring Happiness,
Eid bring God Endless Blessings,
Eid bring fresh love…
EID MUBARAK to You with all best wishes

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