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Masdar Prayer Times United Arab Emirates

Find the accurate information about the Masdar Prayer Times United Arab Emirates in an easy way over a single click of the mouse.

Masdar Prayer Times

Islamic Prayer Times Masdar Calculation:

Masdar City Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude = 24.4267° N
Longitude = 54.6150° E
Time Zone = GMT +04:00 hours
Masdar City Decimal Coordinates:
Latitude: 24.4267
Longitude: 54.6150
Daylight Savings (DST): No Daylight Saving Observed In Masdar UAE
Asr Methods
Standard: Shafii, Maliki, Jafari and Hanbali (shadow factor = 1)
Hanafi: Hanafi school of tought (shadow factor = 2)

Monthly Islamic Prayer Times Masdar Schedule:



Time Zone:

DST (Daylight Saving Time):



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Time Format:

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