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Islamic Prayer Times Jerusalem, Israel

Are you seriously interested to know about the Muslims Prayer Times Jerusalem, Israel? If your answer is yes then you are at the right destination to get the complete information! Mostly the Muslims of the Jerusalem need to have such a platform that can be visible online and easy to operate. We have created this web page for them to provide the online platform for prayer timings. Now with the help of this web page, Muslims of Jerusalem can very easily find out the prayer timings on a single click of the mouse.

By making yourself as the part of this online web page you can very easily get the detailed information about the prayer times Jerusalem. You can access this web page while living anywhere in the world. We will also provide you prayer timings of different cities of Israel on this website. You can also find out the prayer times in various other countries and cities on this platform smoothly. We will also update the Ramadan prayer timings of various international cities very soon.

Prayer Times Jerusalem

Praying is among one of the most significant 5 pillars of Islam. It is the obligatory and vital duty of every Muslims that has to be performed in any situation. We have given the detailed monthly chart of prayer times that would be followed in Jerusalem.

Prayer Timing Calculation For Jerusalem City, Israel

Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Country: Israel
City: Jerusalem

Daylight Saving Time (DST): +1 hour
DST Starts: Between 24th March → 29th October

Geographic Coordinates Of Jerusalem City, Israel
Latitude: 31.7683° N
Longitude: 35.2137° E

Coordinates Of Jerusalem City in Decimal Degrees
Latitude: 31.7690400
Longitude: 35.2163300

Muslim Prayer Times Jerusalem, Israel



Time Zone:

DST (Daylight Saving Time):


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Time Format:

Asr Methods:

Standard: Shafii, Maliki, Jafari and Hanbali (shadow factor = 1)
Hanafi: Hanafi school of tought (shadow factor = 2)
Jerusalem Qiblah Direction: Qiblah direction of Jerusalem, Israel is 22.81° from South toward East.

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