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Happy Ramadan Iftar Greeting Messages Statuses 2024

Get Happy Ramadan Iftar Greeting Messages Statuses 2024 and update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and other social media accounts. Share these Happy Iftar Greetings Sms Greetings 2024 with your family and friends in the holy month of Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan Iftar Greeting Messages Statuses 2024:

The most awaited moment during fasting in Ramadan
is Iftari moment. Happy Ramadan Iftari.

Happy Iftar Greetings to all my Muslims friends
May this Iftari lead you towards the happiness and blessings of Allah.

Iftari moments are the most blessing moments
so try to avail the blessings of Allah during these moments.
Happy Iftari and Iftar Greeting Messages.

Wish Happy Iftari to all my friends’
fellows and family in this Ramadan.

This season of holy Ramadan,
may Allah sprinkle is wonderful blessings over you and your family.
May you all have a peaceful Ramadan!
Happy Ramadan Iftari.

This month is the holiest day of the year
In this month there is blessings of Allah on his creature
wish you best of luck for this month
and happy Iftar

May this beautiful month
brings lots of happiness for you
And builds a way of happier life
Happy Iftar

May the sweets of iftari
make your life more sweeter
in every possible way!

Iftari is a very happy moment I
know but it is the time of very
keen importance. Try to avail it.
Happy Iftari.

Happy Ramadan Iftar Greeting Messages

Happy Ramadan Iftar Greeting Messages

The time of blessing of Allah
the time of great pleasure
Happy iftar
Don’t forget in your prayers.

Iftar time is really special
Try to avail this moment
and wish you all the joys of your life
Happy Iftari

Hope your fast have great value
and your Aftari rips the fruit of your success
for the life and the life, afterlife
happy Iftar.

The moment for which everyone is waiting
The moment of blessings and forgiveness
Happy Ramadan Iftar Greetings Remember us in prayers.

May pour divine blessings on you want
to rain during this month to recite the Quran.

God allows us to do more of the good works
and make the most of this month to take advantage.

If you like to play cards and table games do
your best to avoid as much as possible
and fill their time with something useful.

All siblings or knowledge of the month of Ramadan is a unique
exercise very Wash stomach and Muslims will create a force

I wish that Ramadan you are endowed with the
grace of God and many precious moments of joy.

The holy month of Ramadan, all Muslims began.
Hallelujah every day, from dawn to dusk fasting and prayer.

Brothers and sisters of every Muslim,
Ramadan teaches patience,
polite and forgiveness and hard work.

As you see the crescent moon
May all your dreamz come true
May Allah 4give your all sins
May Allah’s blessing alwayz shine on you
And may Allah gave you of all that you ask him
Remember us in your prays
Wishing u a blessed Ramadan!

Best Leader – Allah
Best Guide – Quaran
Best Lyrics – Aazan
Best Loyality – Imaan
Best Request – Dua
Best Protection – Fitra
Best Oath – Kalma
Best Exercise – Namaaz
Best Self Control – Roza
Best Month- Ramzan
So Good Luck 4 Ramazan

Be glad, we r given another chance 2 forgive and ask 4 forgiveness,
2 start a new & sin free life.
May Allah grant his blessings on Uh & Ur family,
in this holy month of the Quran.
!!.Happy Ramadan.!!

Many are the wishes
that are being sent your way,
But the is a special one
for a very happy 1st Ramadan Iftari.

Happy Iftari to All my Muslim
May this Iftari lead
you towards the happiness and love.

Iftari is a very happy moment I
know but it is the time of very
keen importance. Try to avail it.
Happy Iftari.

May the sweets of iftari
make your life more sweeter
in every possible way!

Welcome Ramadan Walk humbly Talk politely Dress neatly Treat kindly Pray attentively Donate generously May Allah bless & protect you

Yaar aj Kal time Nahi Milta,
Aap Aisa Karo Koi Ekh Din Select Kar Len.
1-. Sunday
2.- Monday
3-. Tuesday
4-. Wednesday
5-. Thursday
6.- Friday
7.- Saturday
Aur Us Din Mujhe..
Iftaari Pe Invite Kr Len..

Apki Mohabat apki WAFA Hi Kafi Hai..
Tamam Umar Ye AASRA Hi Kafi He..
Aftari pr bulao hamain Mgr Takleef Na Krna..
Mere Liye Bs SIRF ..
Zeyada Nahi Khata Main ..

Aaj Iftari Mere Sath Karna.
Bas Aatay Waqt 5,7 Samosay,
Fruit Chat,
Dahi Barray
Aur Ek Barri Wali Coke
Yaad se lete aana. ok?
Phir na Kehna Tumhain Invite Nahi Kartaa.

Aap ko Aur Apke Ghar Walon ko











Allah Hi Poochy Ga,
Ik Bar Bhi Aftaar Pe Nahi Bulaya!

(‘v’) <’ )
(( )) ,(/w/)
-”–”— “-”

ek bat puchon tm se. Kan edhar karo…

(‘v’)<’ )
(( )) (/w/)

Aftari pr kab bulaogy yar.?


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